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Military guy: small update on texturing

Category : 3D WIPs ยท by Aug 24th, 2012

Small update on the re-texturing. I used a mixture of photo and handpainted texture.
What I still need to do:
- fix the lips
- paint the eyebrows & eyelashes
- flip one eye (I only mirrored the iris, which isn’t correct)
- fix the nose a bit (how it connects to the spectrum is a bit off)
- add some stubble
- add some irregularities
- fix the neck (too wide at the back)

I just wanted to post this already, since I believe it is way better than what I had before. I spent more attention on the pores, wrinkles and colours in the facial skin. Combining this with a photo, I managed to get a more believable result than what I had before.


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