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‘Military guy’ – textured

Category : 3D WIPs ยท by Aug 17th, 2012

Been a while since I posted an update on this character, but I’ve been busy and made tons of changes!

First of all, I changed his proportions here and there after receiving comments on this matter. He was too bulky, hands were too big, and I didn’t take other regular measurements for human anatomy proportions into consideration enough.

Secondly, I added a diffuse texture map. The body is one whole mesh, and the head is another one, as requested by the client. This is why he doesn’t have a separate mesh for his eyes.
The texture map was hand-painted, apart from the iris, and the texture on the jeans (I overlayed a jeans texture on my hand painted one here)

Next up are the normal maps and specular maps!

Feel free to comment please, I would love some feedback on this character :)


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