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Dota 2: my Windrunner entry (WIP)

Category : 3D WIPs ยท by Oct 17th, 2012

I have decided to join the Dota 2 contest that has been going on for a while now on Polycount. I’ve put some more WIP up on my thread there, but with these new screens I feel like I’m finally getting to a proper design for an itemset.

I choose one of the shoulders that I did before, and made her a cape and headgear. That adds up to the count of 3 for the itemset. (min amount set by the contest)
I wanted to keep the design elegant, using forest items such as leaves and seedpods. I feel like they fit the design of the shoulder that I did before too…
I didnt want to go for a ‘simple’ cloak with just a crest/print on it, I really wanted it to be part of the set. Hence my choice of drawing sth like this. I also drew it that it still keeps her figure/silhouette, nothing in the design is allowed to break the original silhouette. I really want my design to compliment the original character.
I know the drawing is still a bit unclear, but I will keep working on this, maybe even do a test sculpt in Zbrush to see how it’d fit in 3D. I’m not certain yet about the pattern on the cloak either…


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