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Dota 2 Lina WIP update 4: lowpoly in Maya

Category : 3D WIPs · by Feb 3rd, 2013

Fourth Update: Retopologized & baked the AO & normal map from the highpoly sculpt in ZBrush.
It is now optimized to the allowed polycount set on the Dota2 workshop page, and rigged & skinned so it is working with the animation ingame already.

These images are the result in Maya after applying the new textures. I really like the result so far. Next step is colouring!


Head: 800 tris

Neck: 400 tris

Arms: 500 tris

Belt: 700 tris



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Dave S.
5 years ago · Reply

looks good, now lets see what you do for coloring. :)

    5 years ago · Reply

    thank you. I haven’t been working on this since I started my new job, I know I should finish it

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